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British YouTube gamer who is known for his commentary and vlogs featuring the video game FIFA. Between his main channel and his second channel, mm7games, he has accumulated over 13 million subscribers. He also has channels called MiniminterClips and MiniminterShorts. Buy Miniminter Merch Here!

Miniminter Merch

About Miniminter Merch

Simon Edward Minter, better known as Miniminter, is a British YouTuber known primarily for his vlogs and FIFA video game commentary. He uploaded his first video in 2012 under the youtube channel ‘Miniminter’ and has more than 13 million subscribers.

He is a member of Sidemen, a content group of British YouTubers. The group consists of famous YouTube gamers such as; KSI, w2s, Vikram Barn, Josh Zerker, and more.

He runs multiple YouTube channels. His gaming channel ‘MM7Games’ has over 5 Million subscribers. He has two other youtube channels, ‘MiniminterClips’ and ‘MiniminterShorts.’ He also runs the Podcast channel ‘What’s Good Podcast,’ along with his friend Randolph. He managed to attain a tremendous amount of Subscribers in no time.

Miniminter Early Life

In the English county of Hertfordshire, Hemel Hempstead is where Simon was born. His older brothers, Nick and Johnny, are both musicians. Alongside KSI, Simon went to Berkhamsted School, a local private or independent school. When they first met, around the ages of 12 and 13, they both claimed that they didn’t get along and got into a fight in class.

Their teachers intervened and made an effort to pressurize them into making friends. They became best friends as a result of this ultimately succeeding. Given that his mother’s side of the family is from Leeds, Simon has been a longtime supporter of the club. He has also declared his support for Manchester United F.C. and Watford F.C. (because of his brothers).

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